Why People Give Up On Flight Training School And How You Can Avoid Becoming A Statistic

Posted on: 22 November 2017

About 80 percent of prospective pilots drop out of flight training school without receiving any certification. This is a high statistic. If you are thinking about becoming a pilot, you may ask yourself why so many people walk away during the flight training portion and what can you do to help prevent yourself from becoming a statistic. Here are a few of the most common reasons why people walk away from flight training without a certification. 

Financial Reasons

Participating in flight training is expensive. And often, you pay for each course up front. While you may be able to finance some of the training. flight school is not as easy to finance as other certification programs or college degrees. This can make it challenging to participate if money is tight. If you are thinking about enrolling in flight training, always sit down with the administrator at the training center and discuss what the costs will be, what financing they offer and what loan programs you may qualify. If you can't make it work financially at this time, it is best to put it off until you can. Many who plan on figuring it out when the time come can't and have to drop out. 

Failing a Medical Aviation Exam

Another reason why people give up on flight training school is because they fail their medical aviation exam. In order to be a pilot or fly solo, you must pass a medical aviation exam. If you fail, you will not be certified to fly. Many people drop out once they take the exam and fail. If you worry you have a condition that may prevent you from passing the exam, schedule and exam prior to paying for any training. 

Not Liking the School or the Trainer

The last reason why people drop out of flight training school is because they don't like the trainer, they don't like the school or the school and trainer don't fit within their schedule. Always take the time to sit down with the trainer or watch one of their courses to see if you would get along with the trainer. Also, make sure that you find out the schedule of the classes and the trainers flying hours so you can ensure that they will fit within your schedule. 

If you are in interested in becoming a pilot, you must take flight training school. But before you begin the school, it is important that you understand all of the obligations that this entails, including finances and medical assessments. This can help ensure you can meet all of the requirements before you even enroll in the program. 


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