3 Reasons New Teachers Should Welcome Classroom Walkthroughs

Posted on: 6 December 2017

Making the decision to teach young children for a living can be very rewarding. Unfortunately, many new teachers find themselves struggling with some of the bureaucratic policies imposed on them by school administrators.

Being subjected to a classroom walkthrough might leave you feeling like your skills as a teacher are being called into question, but experienced teachers know that these evaluations can be very beneficial. Here are three reasons why you should welcome classroom walkthroughs as a new teacher beginning your career in education.

1. Classroom walkthroughs can bridge the gap between you and administration.

In order to accomplish many of the goals that you might have for your class throughout the school year, you will need to work closely with school administrators to receive the clearance, funds, and other resources required.

Bridging the gap between teachers and administration can be challenging, but classroom walkthroughs allow you the unique opportunity to give school administrators a glimpse into your teaching methods. Establishing this firsthand relationship will let you feel more confident working with administrative officials moving forward.

2. Classroom walkthroughs allow you to show off your skills.

Rather than viewing a classroom walkthrough as an evaluation, view the experience as an opportunity to show your teaching abilities. When school administrators have the chance to see you in action in front of your students, they will be able to determine your strengths as an educator.

This firsthand confirmation of your abilities can serve you well when it comes to asking for a raise or when you are trying to gain the trust of administration to implement a new program into your classroom.

3. Classroom walkthroughs help you grow.

A good teacher is constantly striving to improve his or her technique. While your personal outlook on your teaching methodology can be somewhat biased, the individuals who participate in your classroom walkthrough will be able to offer you some suggestions that could increase your efficiency as an educator.

Receiving constructive feedback allows you to grow and improve as a teacher, which will benefit your students in the long run.

Once you are able to see some of the benefits that classroom walkthroughs can provide, it becomes easy to see why you should look forward to these evaluations. Classroom walkthroughs can help new teachers bridge the gap between themselves and administrators, provide the opportunity to display teaching skills, and access feedback that will improve technique in the future.


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