3 Tips For Preparing Your Child For Preschool

Posted on: 27 December 2017

Going to preschool is a huge milestone in your young child's life. Your child will get to learn new things, make friends, and play in a safe, comfortable, educational setting. You will get more free time to return to work or simply get things done around the house. While starting preschool is a positive development in most cases, it can also be a bit of a transition for your child and the whole family. Here are a few preparation tips that will ensure your child is fully prepared to begin preschool:

Choose the Right School

Taking the time to choose a preschool that is a great fit for your child will go a long way toward ensuring an easy and fun transition. There are a wide variety of preschools to meet every child's needs and every family's budget and schedule. Tour preschools with your child and see how they react to each one. A shy child may need a preschool that has smaller classroom sizes and a quieter, less overwhelming learning environment. A very active child may thrive at a preschool that incorporates a lot of playtime and outdoor activities. 

Ask for a Preparation Checklist

Most preschools have preparation checklists available to new students and their children. Ideally, you will ask for a checklist as soon as you know your child is attending the school, hopefully giving you a few months to work through the checklist and make sure your child is really ready to start school.

Common items on a preschool preparation checklist include making sure your child is fully potty trained, that they have basic counting and word recognition skills, and that they can sit quietly and listen to a teacher for several minutes at a time. A good way to prepare is to have "preschool time" at home each day while you work through the items on the checklist.

Involve Your Child as Much as Possible

Your child will likely feel more excited about preschool and less scared if they are involved in the entire process. Enthusiastically including your child as you tour preschools, meet teachers, pick out a new backpack and school supplies, and practice being at school will get your child into a positive mind frame about this new stage in life.

By following these tips and choosing the right preschool for your child, the transition from being home during the day to attending preschool will go much more smoothly.


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