How To Find Clients Right Out Of Electrician Trade School

Posted on: 1 October 2018

The first step in becoming an electrician is to receive an electrician certification through a trade school. That way, you can learn the tools-of-the-trade, and you will be able to dive into practicing electrical work. However, to make your business more successful, you'll need a strategy for finding new clients. 

Keep Contacts in a Database

The worst way to manage your contacts as an electrician is with a haphazard database. Instead, you will want to use a contact management system that allows you to remain clean and current with your contacts so you can more easily remain in touch with them. Most importantly, your business must make sure that it has consolidated all of your contacts into one database. 

See Each Contact as a Referral

One of the best ways to acquire clients is through referrals. Acquire these referrals by developing relationships with co-workers, vendors and facility managers. Try to make yourself known to every person you meet so that you will not only be able to do a great job in your current role but will have an easier time finding future jobs. Businesses prefer to hire electricians they can trust and are more likely to hire an electrician referred to them by a friend. Almost everyone has established a relationship with someone who can bring value to your business.

Use Social Media

Spend time on social media interacting with current clients and prospective clients. Social media is a great tool by which you can demonstrate your expertise. One way to set yourself up as an expert is to provide advice that is helpful to potential customers. They may turn to your advice and try to perform their own electrical work, but they will eventually become stumped and may look to you as the perfect electrician to hire. 

Social media is also a way that you can remain in contact with previous customers so you can remain on their minds. One way to follow-up with customers is to use social media, email or your website to provide customers with a survey so they can provide you with valuable feedback. Ask them to rate each aspect of the service they received so you can forever work on improving your services. 

Bring More Value

Look for ways to expand the services you're able to provide. This allows you to bring more value to your customers, which can increase the number of customers who will seek out your services.

Keep these tips in mind to help you find more clients for your new business. 


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