3 Tips For Preparing Your Child For Preschool

Posted on: 27 December 2017

Going to preschool is a huge milestone in your young child's life. Your child will get to learn new things, make friends, and play in a safe, comfortable, educational setting. You will get more free time to return to work or simply get things done around the house. While starting preschool is a positive development in most cases, it can also be a bit of a transition for your child and the whole family.
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What Are The Advantages Of Sending Your Child To A Montessori School?

Posted on: 23 December 2017

If the time has come for your child to begin attending school, you may be looking at some private schools with "alternative" educational approaches. One of the most common and appreciated approaches is the Montessori method. In this style of learning, children learn at their own paces, and classrooms include children at various learning levels. Here are a few advantages of sending your child to a school that utilizes the Montessori approach.
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Benefits You Gain From Participating In Public School Athletics Programs

Posted on: 11 December 2017

Public school sports activities immensely impact students' lives. Children benefit from participating in athletics, which then promotes socialization that is so important in their lives. School sports promote focus, physical fitness and leadership skills. The competitive nature of public school sports help kids to show guts, work as team members and transfer discipline from sports into the arena of academic work. Every child in public school, including handicapped kids, must be given the opportunity to participate in public school athletics programs.
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3 Things To Look For When Selecting The Right Kindergarten

Posted on: 10 December 2017

Selecting the right kindergarten for your child is absolutely vital because the right kindergarten can help your child develop an appreciation for learning in school while the wrong one could trigger an aversion to going to school for years to come. Listed below are just three of the things to look for when selecting the right kindergarten for your child: The Average Class Size The most important thing to look for when selecting the right kindergarten is the average class size.
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